For Marine Biology Students, A Sea Change

As part of the Three Seas program at Northeastern University, student Stephanie June partook in a diving expedition to examine coral reefs off the coast of Panama. But her fondest memory of the underwater excursion had nothing to do with

Her ‘Musical Awakening’

Six years ago, Sabrina Rabello, a postdoctoral research associate for Northeastern’s Center for Complex Network Research, began playing the piano to escape from the “very introspective” world of applied mathematics. But what began as an escape has blossomed into a

Using Math To Explore The Universe

Alina Marian, a new associate professor of mathematics in Northeastern University’s College of Science, thinks of geometry not just the study of shapes but a look into heart of the universe and its origins. “It’s the most abstract end of

Shaking Up The Heme Molecule

Experimenters at Northeastern University and Argonne National Laboratory have developed a new technique for studying the vibrational properties of a protein at low frequencies. The team of researchers, led by Northeastern University physics Prof. Tim Sage, found a way to

Ice Cream, But Hold The Ice

For making economical ice cream, liquid nitrogen certainly isn’t the best choice. But for the budding chemist looking to make a tasty treat from scratch — and draw a sizable crowd on campus while doing it — it beats plain

Developing Bacterial Robots For Hazardous Duty

Northeastern University biology professor Joseph Ayers is part of a team of scientists who have received a three-year, $600,000 grant from the Office of Naval Research to create a fleet of micro-robots designed to locate explosive compounds from hundreds of

Youths Shore Up Their Science Knowledge

From the coastal shores of Northeastern’s Marine Science Center (MSC) in Nahant, Mass., high school students this summer found themselves contributing to a massive global mission to assess ocean life. The experiential learning opportunity for the young biologists was part of

A ‘Ray’ Of Light On Complex Systems

Ginestra Bianconi, an assistant professor of physics at Northeastern University, was part of a team of scientists who discovered an innovative way of using external stimuli, such as x-rays, to bring disorganized oxygen atoms to a state of equilibrium in

Nurturing A Seed Of Discovery

Network scientists at Northeastern University have collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues in cell biology and interactive data acquisition to create the first large-scale map of a plant’s protein network. The results of the study were published in the July

Scoping Out The Changing Planet From Afar

On co-op with an environmental consulting firm in Vancouver, Canada, called ESSA Technologies, Northeastern University senior Emily Snead tested remote-sensing tools that will be used to pinpoint the impact of climate change on forest life. The experiential learning opportunity has convinced

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