The Blues Doctor Is In The House

If members of the audience packing 318 Curry Student Center yesterday afternoon closed their eyes, they may have felt transported to a New Orleans blues bar — courtesy of the piano stylings of Murray Gibson, dean of the College of Science.

A Partnership To Cure Sleeping Sickness

Chemistry professor Michael Pollastri is collaborating with pharmaceutical company and researchers in Spain to identify existing drugs that could be modified to stop a scourge of sub-Saharan Africa. African sleeping sickness, which currently affects 30,000 people, starts out like the

Speaking Up

Mentally ill children in Kuwait are often isolated from the outside world, according to Northeastern University psychology students Alaa and Dalal Alhomaizi, twin sisters who grew up in the Arab state. “It’s like they don’t exist,” Alaa said. As Dalal put it,

Magnetic Breakthrough May Have Significant Pull

Northeastern University researchers have designed a super-strong magnetic material that may revolutionize the production of magnets found in computers, mobile phones, electric cars and wind-powered generators. The research was supported by a three-year, $360,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

Adding The Flavor To Food Science

by Jason Kornwitz Northeastern University network scientists debunked the food-pairing hypothesis, which is based on the principle that foods sharing flavor compounds taste better together. North American and Western European cuisines tend to use ingredients that share flavor compounds, while

3Qs: Searching For The “Holy Grail” Of Physics

Researchers at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, reported earlier this week they are getting closer to discovering the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle that scientists believe will explain why everything in the universe has mass. The Higgs boson

Research Partnership To Focus on Infrared Imaging

The Electronic Materials Research Institute (eMRI) at Northeastern University has signed a three-year cooperative research agreement with the United States Army Research Laboratory at Adelphi, Md., to design graphene-based technology for use in low-cost infrared imaging applications for the military.

Recipe For Success

Analyzing the lipid content of dried animal skin on co-op last summer with the University of Crete in Greece has inspired fourth-year chemistry major Victoria Ronga to pursue a career as a food chemist. “I had a mindset that I was

A Meeting Of The Minds

People are happiest in warm weather, but grow considerably unhappier as humidity levels rise, according to an analysis of the language of some 1.3 billion tweets by Northeastern University computer science PhD candidate Aniko Hannah. “We can predict people’s moods with

World-Renowned Researcher Elected To The Academy of Europe

World-renowned statistical physicist Alessandro Vespignani has been elected to the physics and engineering sciences branch of the Academy of Europe for his research on the spread of epidemics. Members of the academy — which promotes learning, education and research —

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