Aging Studies Suggest Older People Are Happier

We get wrinkles. Our hair turns gray, or we lose it altogether. Our job prospects diminish and our chances of incurring disease increase. Researchers across the globe focus their efforts on increasing our life span because so many of us

Journey To A Super Battery

Are you tired of constantly having to plug in your laptop? Research being conducted by Professor Sanjeev Mukerjee may make our dependence on outlet power a thing of the past.

Dissecting Drowned Drumlin Fields

Earth and environmental sciences associate professor Peter Rosen said Boston Harbor is home to the nation’s only “drowned drumlin field,” a group of elongated hills formed under glacial ice. He addressed roughly 100 students, faculty, staff and community members at the

From The Crime Lab To The Chemistry Lab

Adam Hall began his master’s degree program in chemistry and chemical biology at Northeastern while performing instrumental analyses on samples in the Massachusetts State Police crime lab. “Tuesdays and Thursdays were drug days,” he recalls. Narcotics officers, who live under-cover on the

Forecasting The Spread Of Emerging Diseases

If we can forecast the path of a hurricane or even the trajectory of a subatomic particle, why shouldn’t we also be able to forecast the spread of an emerging disease? That is the question Alessandro Vespignani, who was installed

3Qs: Physicists Push For Underground Testing Facility

by Angela Herring Pran Nath, the Matthews Distinguished Professor of Physics at Northeastern University, is among a group of leading theoretical physicists who have asked the Department of Energy to develop a large underground neutrino facility to maintain U.S. leadership

Bringing Chemistry To Music

Shortly after receiving tenure more than a decade ago, Northeastern University professor David Budil was teaching Schrödinger’s wave equation to a class of physical chemistry students. To explain the concept that a higher harmonic of a fundamental wave corresponds to

The Blues Doctor Is In The House

If members of the audience packing 318 Curry Student Center yesterday afternoon closed their eyes, they may have felt transported to a New Orleans blues bar — courtesy of the piano stylings of Murray Gibson, dean of the College of Science.

A Partnership To Cure Sleeping Sickness

Chemistry professor Michael Pollastri is collaborating with pharmaceutical company and researchers in Spain to identify existing drugs that could be modified to stop a scourge of sub-Saharan Africa. African sleeping sickness, which currently affects 30,000 people, starts out like the

Speaking Up

Mentally ill children in Kuwait are often isolated from the outside world, according to Northeastern University psychology students Alaa and Dalal Alhomaizi, twin sisters who grew up in the Arab state. “It’s like they don’t exist,” Alaa said. As Dalal put it,

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