Pushing Math To The Limit

You may not have taken a math class for many years, but you probably remember the equation “y = mx + b.” If pressed, you could probably recall the quadratic equation. And you might know that the square root of

Scouting For Novel Bacteria

Few things are so mysterious as bacteria. Indeed, the Great Plate Anomaly has baffled microbial biologists for more than a century: While millions of bacterial species populate the globe, only about one-tenth of a percent are cultivable in the lab. The rest

Study: After 2,500 Years, Dead Coral Reef Comes Back to Life

A new study featured in Science suggests that coral may be able to recover from disaster. The paper, co-authored by Richard Aronson of the Florida Institute of Technology, combined the skills of several universities, including Prof. Steven Vollmer and PhD

A Better Future for Urban Coastal Environment

More than two-thirds of the world’s major cities are by the sea. As the world’s population grows, many of those cities are experiencing massive influxes, which translate into increasing burdens on coastal environments, according to Geoff Trussell, director of Northeastern’s

Chemotherapy from the Inside Out

A significant number of prostate cancer patients are treated with a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, according to Sri Sridhar, Distinguished Professor of Physics in the College of Science. While combination therapy can have a synergistic effect, the approach has

An Interdisciplinary Approach To Drug-Abuse Research

More than 50 students and faculty, along with academic, industry and governmental partners of Northeastern’s Center for Drug Discovery, convened earlier this month for the 10th annual symposium on current trends in drug-abuse research. The CDD takes an interdisciplinary approach

Redefining Emotion

The definition of emotion has intrigued philosophers, physicians and psychologists for centuries. Is it a basic biologic state or does it emerge from other physiological components? Lisa Feldman Barrett, Distinguished Professor of Psychology in the College of Science, analyzed 20

3Qs: Green Chemistry

In honor of Earth Day, we decided to take that opportunity to speak with chemistry and chemical biology chair Graham Jones about Northeastern’s role in the emerging field of green chemistry. What is green chemistry? Green chemistry is a term

Form and Function in Enzyme Activity

Many industrial chemistry applications, such as drug or biofuel synthesis, require large energy inputs and often produce toxic pollutants. But chemistry and chemical biology professor Mary Jo Ondrechen said enzymes — proteins that increase the rate of chemical reactions in

Professor Honored For His Contributions To Medicinal Chemistry

Alexandros Makriyannis, the founding director of Northeastern’s Center for Drug Discovery, has received the annual Award in Medicinal Chemistry from the American Chemical Society. Makriyannis, whose award propelled him into the society’s Hall of Fame alongside other pioneers of medicinal

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