Valerio Toledano Laredo

The rungs of mathematical discovery

More than a decade ago, math­e­matics pro­fessor Valerio Toledano Laredo was puz­zling over the rela­tion­ship between the sym­me­tries of macro­scopic and micro­scopic sys­tems when he dis­cov­ered a brand new set of dif­fer­en­tial equa­tions.

Jackie Horman

The real NCIS

The foren­sics lab isn’t nearly as glam­orous as tele­vi­sion would have you think. Jacquelyn Horman would know. The chem­istry major had watched her fair share of the police pro­ce­dural dramas NCIS and CSI: Miami before landing a co-​​op job with the crime lab at the Mesa, Ariz., police depart­ment. The lab work — not glitzy but crit­ical to inves­ti­ga­tions — strength­ened her interest in the field, she said.


Green High Performance Computing Center opens its doors

We heat up when we’re working hard. Com­puters do, too. And as big data con­tinues to get bigger, we’re asking these machines to work even harder, which means they require more energy than ever.

American Chemical Society Awards

Chemistry student group earns chemical society’s high honor

North­eastern University’s stu­dent chapter of the Amer­ican Chem­ical Society has been des­ig­nated as “out­standing,” the highest honor bestowed upon a uni­ver­sity by the world’s largest sci­en­tific society.

James Monaghan

Using Salamanders to Study Regeneration

Dr. James Monaghan, an assistant professor of regeneration biology at Northeastern University, has been studying the Mexican axolotl salamander’s amazing regenerative properties to discover the cellular and genetic basis of tissue regeneration — findings that could have a huge impact on regenerative medicine.


New Chemistry Professor Researching Better Ways To Treat Cancer

It has been a whirlwind 10 months for new Northeastern University professor Carla Mattos. She moved to Boston, set up a new lab in structural biology, and won a highly competitive grant for a piece of new equipment that will expand research opportunities for the entire Northeastern community.

Latika Menon

Titania nanotubes go commercial

Seven years ago, physics pro­fessor Latika Mennon’s first grad­uate stu­dent said he wanted to “change the world.”


Psychology Professor Talks Science of Compassion at PopTech

When someone is victimized, do you see yourself in them in some manner? It could be why you feel compassion toward them.

Fall Foliage

Open House Fall 2012

The Open House presentation by Dean J. Murray Gibson.


Global Health Initiative to address neglected tropical diseases

Ninety per­cent of global health­care and med­ical research money is spent on dis­eases that affect only 10 per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion, according to Michael Pol­lastri, a pro­fessor of chem­istry and chem­ical biology who spoke at the Col­lege of Sci­ence Col­lo­quium last Friday.

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