Iris Berent

RELEASE: Prof. Berent’s Book Gives Phonology the Respect it Deserves

All languages—spoken or signed—are comprised of patterns of meaningless elements.

Humic Conference

Getting Their Hands Dirty Leads To Some Green

Northeastern professors Dr. Geoffrey Davies and Dr. Elham Ghabbour worked side-by-side on humic substances isolation, cross comparison, structures, properties, and uses – research that has led to a recent $50,000 grant from the VK Rasmussen Foundation.

John Coley

Prioritizing and Discarding Information

Do you think like a chemist? Do you sometimes discard information without even knowing it?


A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Sometimes it’s easier to just see something rather than have someone try to explain it.

Kuwait Twins SPEAK

Bringing Northeastern & MGH To Kuwait

While on co-op with the Department of Global Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, psychology majors and identical twin sisters Dalal and Alaa Alhomaizi approached the director and asked if they could coordinate a program in Kuwait for World Mental Health Day in October.


One Step Closer To Unlocking Mysteries Of Cancer Drug Development

Chemistry professor Carla Mattos spends much of her time studying a protein known as RAS. It is important in cell proliferation, and until recently has been com­pletely elu­sive as a drug target, she told News@Northeastern’s Angela Herring.

Alex Vespignani is the Sternberg Distinguished Professor of Physics, Computer Science and Health Sciences.

Validation for Flu Prediction

As news of the latest outbreak is upon us, Vespignani and his colleagues recently pub­lished an article in the journal BMC Med­i­cine that offers defin­i­tive proof of a strong agree­ment between the pre­dic­tions and the real-​​life sur­veil­lance data col­lected in 2009.

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Are Gadgets Changing Our Brains?

Psychology professor Lisa Feldman Barrett was featured in an article in the Financial Times about cerebral circuitry and whether gadgets are changing the way our brains work.

James Monaghan

The salamander king

When assis­tant pro­fessor of biology James Mon­aghan was an under­grad­uate, he hung a life-​​size inflat­able Spi­derman from the ceiling of his dorm room.

Photo courtesy iStockphoto

3Qs: Doomsday predictions debunked

Some people are not making plans for the New Year. From hiding in bomb shel­ters to sharp­ening their sur­vival skills, doomsday the­o­rists are preparing for judg­ment day, which the Mayan cal­endar pre­dicts will take place on Friday.

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