Meet Joey Ostreicher, a College of Science Twitter Ambassador

Joey Ostreicher is a junior biology major on the pre-veterinary track. She is also a College of Science Twitter Ambassador.


Climate & Wildlife take center stage

Miles Grant, online communications manager for the National Wildlife Federation, talked about climate, wildlife, and media.

Kim Lewis

Study: Antibiotics are unique assassins

In recent years, a body of pub­li­ca­tions in the micro­bi­ology field has chal­lenged all pre­vious knowl­edge of how antibi­otics kill bac­teria.


NTDs – Neglected Tropical Diseases

Professor Michael Pollastri, a chemistry professor in the College of Science at Northeastern University, talked about NTDs – neglected tropical diseases.

Michail Sitkovsky

The brakes of inflammation

In the last few decades, sci­en­tists have come to attribute an immuno­log­ical expla­na­tion to many can­cers.


Researchers transcend boundaries for science

Throughout the 179th annual meeting of the Amer­ican Asso­ci­a­tion for the Advance­ment of Sci­ence, North­eastern fac­ulty led pre­sen­ta­tions high­lighting their work to address real-​​world chal­lenges in areas ranging from health to tech­nology to sus­tain­ability.

Laszlo Barabasi

Complex systems made simple

Just as the name implies, com­plex sys­tems are dif­fi­cult to tease apart. An organism’s genome, a bio­chem­ical reac­tion, or even a social net­work all con­tain many inter­de­pen­dent components—and changing any one of them can have per­va­sive effects on all the others.


What to consider when looking at undergraduate science degree programs

Two College of Science students talk about what is important when looking at where to go to earn an undergraduate degree in the sciences.

Mansoor Amiji

What To Consider When Looking At Undergraduate Programs

The College of Science is hosting weekly Twitter chats on Wednesdays at noon during which different topics are discussed.


How to start a termite ‘orgy’

There are more than 3,000 species of ter­mites in the world, all living in social colonies with dis­tinct hier­ar­chies.

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