How To Make Interesting (Science) Videos

Steve Garfield, author, online TV host, video connoisseur, was the guest for #sciencechat on March 20, 2013. He talked about how to make videos even when you’re not a pro.

Meet Dan Blustein, A College of Science Twitter Ambassador

Dan Blustein is a marine biologist working on his PhD at Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center in Nahant. He is also a College of Science Twitter Ambassador.

Global Infectious Diseases

A bright future for infectious disease research

Every year, nearly a mil­lion people die from one of three infec­tious dis­eases that few of us have ever heard of.

Meet Emily Blackwell, a College of Science Twitter Ambassador

Emily Blackwell is a freshman psychology major, who plans to minor in art or American Sign Language. She is also a College of Science Twitter Ambassador.

Meet Joey Ostreicher, a College of Science Twitter Ambassador

Joey Ostreicher is a junior biology major on the pre-veterinary track. She is also a College of Science Twitter Ambassador.


Climate & Wildlife take center stage

Miles Grant, online communications manager for the National Wildlife Federation, talked about climate, wildlife, and media.

Kim Lewis

Study: Antibiotics are unique assassins

In recent years, a body of pub­li­ca­tions in the micro­bi­ology field has chal­lenged all pre­vious knowl­edge of how antibi­otics kill bac­teria.


NTDs – Neglected Tropical Diseases

Professor Michael Pollastri, a chemistry professor in the College of Science at Northeastern University, talked about NTDs – neglected tropical diseases.

Michail Sitkovsky

The brakes of inflammation

In the last few decades, sci­en­tists have come to attribute an immuno­log­ical expla­na­tion to many can­cers.


Researchers transcend boundaries for science

Throughout the 179th annual meeting of the Amer­ican Asso­ci­a­tion for the Advance­ment of Sci­ence, North­eastern fac­ulty led pre­sen­ta­tions high­lighting their work to address real-​​world chal­lenges in areas ranging from health to tech­nology to sus­tain­ability.

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