The scientific reality of “Game of Thrones” fantasy

Fiction is often inspired by fact, and fantasy grounded in reality. That’s no more evident than in Game of Thrones itself, where a deadly poison, a disfiguring disease, and a fiercely loyal species of animal have been inspired by real-world beasts, brews, and afflictions. Here, PhD candidate Rebecca Certner offers an entertaining look at the science behind the show’s epic fantasyland.

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Meet the graduates: Theo Bowe

Theo Bowe’s co-op jobs in campus labs and far-flung countries have prepared him for the next phase of his academic journey: Harvard Medical School. Here, the biology major reflects on his past five years at Northeastern and offers some keen advice to other students.

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Julie Hugunin, S’16, poses for a portrait

Meet the graduates: Julie Hugunin

A biology major in Northeastern’s Honors Program and a 2016 Presidential Global Fellow, Julie Hugunin plans to pursue an MD/PhD program to combine her clinical and research interests, informed by a holistic approach. “Northeastern is about putting yourself out there and being fearless,” she says.

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