Paul Whitford

Under the hood of the ribosome

We all know—generally speaking—how a car works: The gas pedal makes it go, the break pedal makes it stop, and the steering wheel deter­mines its course.

David Kimbro

Why invader species may be taking dinner off your table

The species that live on our coasts pro­vide ben­e­fits that most of us are unaware of.


Invasive Species: Understanding the Threat Before It’s Too Late

Catching rides on cargo ships and fishing boats, many invasive species are now covering our shorelines and compromising the existence of our native marine life. In a study published in Ecology Letters, Northeastern University Prof. David Kimbro and his team examine what factors allow some invasive species to survive in their new environments and others to fail.

The Art Of the Higgs Boson

Toyoko Orimoto, an assistant professor of physics, recently gave a TEDx talk titled, “The Art of the Higgs Boson.”


How To Make Interesting (Science) Videos

Steve Garfield, author, online TV host, video connoisseur, was the guest for #sciencechat on March 20, 2013. He talked about how to make videos even when you’re not a pro.

Meet Dan Blustein, A College of Science Twitter Ambassador

Dan Blustein is a marine biologist working on his PhD at Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center in Nahant. He is also a College of Science Twitter Ambassador.

Global Infectious Diseases

A bright future for infectious disease research

Every year, nearly a mil­lion people die from one of three infec­tious dis­eases that few of us have ever heard of.

Meet Emily Blackwell, a College of Science Twitter Ambassador

Emily Blackwell is a freshman psychology major, who plans to minor in art or American Sign Language. She is also a College of Science Twitter Ambassador.

Meet Joey Ostreicher, a College of Science Twitter Ambassador

Joey Ostreicher is a junior biology major on the pre-veterinary track. She is also a College of Science Twitter Ambassador.


Climate & Wildlife take center stage

Miles Grant, online communications manager for the National Wildlife Federation, talked about climate, wildlife, and media.

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