We’re talking power

Dr. K.M. Abraham, a scientist, educator, and Li-ion and Li-air battery pioneer, was the #sciencechat guest on April 10.

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Training For Cutting-Edge Jobs in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

Northeastern’s Master of Science in Bioinformatics combines interdisciplinary core coursework.

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Northeastern’s Biochemistry Club Wins National Award

Congratulations to the Northeastern University Biochemistry Club for receiving the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Undergraduate Affiliate Network Outstanding National Chapter Award.

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Congratulations To Two Outstanding Graduate Students

The College of Science would like to congratulate Gregory Peim and Catherine Matassa.

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Large Hadron Collider and Dark Matter Brings Gregory Peim to Northeastern University

Gregory Peim is a graduate student pursuing a doctoral degree in physics, conducting research under the direction of Professor Pran Nath.

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Language By Mouth And By Hand

Humans favor speech as the primary means of linguistic communication. Spoken languages are so common many think language and speech are one and the same. But the prevalence of sign languages suggests otherwise. Not only can Deaf communities generate language using manual gestures, but their languages share some of their design and neural mechanisms with spoken languages. New research by Northeastern University’s Prof. Iris Berent further underscores the flexibility of human language and its robustness across both spoken and signed channels of communication.

Iris Berent

What makes human language special?

Many species on the planet employ a unique form of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.


From the bench to a blog, a science writer’s tale

Angela Herring, a science writer at Northeastern University and creator of iNSolution research blog, talks about her career so far.

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Can Meditation Make You a More Compassionate Person?

Scientists have mostly focused on the benefits of meditation for the brain and the body, but a recent study by Northeastern University’s David DeSteno, published in Psychological Science, takes a look at what impacts meditation has on interpersonal harmony and compassion. Several religious traditions have suggested that mediation does just that, but there has been no scientific proof—until now.


A real life meteorologist

Todd Gutner of WBZ-TV and WBZ AM 1030 talked about how he got to where he is now.

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