Chemistry Nobel Laureate to Speak at Northeastern

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) will be hosting a lecture by Prof. Martin Karplus, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. Prof. Carla Mattos, one of REU’s program directors, answered a few of our questions about Prof.

Summer  sunset in Antarctica

Antarctic co-​​op: The not so sunny side of things

Eileen Sheehan, a biochemistry student on co-op at Palmer Station, Antarctica, guest blogs about how the lack of daylight affects her scientific research.

Marissa McMahan

Lobsterwoman turned marine biologist fishes for answers

Northeastern graduate student Marissa McMahan is marshaling her scientific training and her family’s connection to the Maine lobster industry to research the black sea bass’ northern range expansion due to climate change.

Sanjeev Mukerjee

The future’s most pressing energy questions

Top researchers, entre­pre­neurs, scholars, and pol­i­cy­makers from Mass­a­chu­setts and Switzer­land con­vened at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity on Friday for an energy summit, where par­tic­i­pants dis­cussed inno­va­tions and strate­gies to address cli­mate change and a range of other global energy challenges.


A little gratitude can go a long way

Psychology professor David DeSteno was recently featured in an article about gratitude and financial patience.

NUScience Summer 2014 Banner

NUScience Summer 2014 Edition Released

Check out the most recent edition of the NUScience magazine and read all about the College of Science.

Kim Lewis and Brian Conlon

ADC postdoc receives prestigious award

Brian Conlon, a Senior Scientist in Northeastern University’s Antimicrobial Discovery Center, received a Charles A. King Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship.

lab banner

Biochemistry program gets new director

Dean J. Murray Gibson announces appointment of Phyllis Strauss as Interim Director of the Biochemistry Program.


Highway of dreams for microbiologists

A few years ago, biologists Slava Epstein and Yoshiteru Aoi fantasized about a device that would work like a highway lane closure to isolate pure bacterial samples from the environment. They teamed with assistant professor of chemical engineering Ed Goluch to make this a reality.

Loretta Fernandez

A simpler way to test for water pollution

Assistant professor Loretta Fernandez has developed a straightforward method for determining the concentration of contaminants likely to end up in the tissues of organisms living in polluted waterways.

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