Marine Ph.D. Student Wins National Award

Chris Conroy has been awarded this year’s American Fisheries Society’s Steven Berkeley Marine Conservation Fellowship.


‘Battery’ to the Future

Mehmet Ates and Matthew Trahan are working with research pro­fessor K. M. Abraham to develop the next gen­er­a­tion of energy effi­cient lithium bat­teries.


Genetics, communications, and advice from @girlscientist

Chris Gunter, aka @girlscientist, was the #sciencechat guest on June 5, 2013.


Unique degree program fills void in biotech industry

Northeastern’s Pro­fes­sional Sci­ence Master’s pro­gram in Biotech­nology fea­tures a unique approach to grad­uate edu­ca­tion.

Tarik Gouhier

Taking a Second Look at How Marine Reserves are Created

Overfishing has resulted in the serial depletion of fish stocks around the world and caused significant collateral damage to non-target species because of high levels of bycatch. This not only threatens natural marine ecosystems, but also jeopardizes the millions of people who depend on fish for their economic livelihood and dietary protein requirements.


Sex differences and stress

Assistant Professor Rebecca Shansky talks about her work in the Behavioral Neuroscience division of the Psychology Department at Northeastern University.

Stars background

NASA, Researchers Use Weightlessness of Space to Design Better Materials for Earth

Researchers from Northeastern University are among the many scientists helping NASA use the weightlessness of space to design stronger and more sustainable materials here on Earth.

Sustaining Coastal Cities Conference: Dr. Sylvia Earle

A sweet spot for coastal cities

In 1967, the year Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ence Center was estab­lished, the world was a dif­ferent place.

stephen hawkins

Stephen Hawkins at Sustaining Coastal Cities Conference

An audio recording of Stephen Hawkins at the Sustaining Coastal Cities Conference.

steven gaines

Steven Gaines at Sustaining Coastal Cities Conference

An audio recording of Steven Gaines at the Sustaining Coastal Cities Conference.

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