Our Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science degree is organized for students who want to acquire the scientific background to help solve environmental problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

With a growing number of companies, agencies, and organizations focusing on environmental issues, career opportunities for environmental studies graduates are at an all time high. Our program equips you to investigate and develop technical, economic, institutional, and behavioral solutions to environmental problems. Every student develops core knowledge in geology, biology, chemistry and mathematics early in the program. Students then select one of the following areas as a program focus for their upper-level coursework:

  • Surficial Processes
  • Environmental Geology
  • Wildlife Studies
  • Marine Science

We provide an Independent Track for students whose interests do not fall into one of these four concentration areas. Students who elect this option work with a faculty advisor to identify a group of five mid- to upper-level science courses that are aligned with the student’s career interests.

The head advisor for the environmental science major is Richard Bailey (r.bailey@neu.edu)