Marine Science Center


Researchers use ‘robomussels’ to monitor climate change

Tiny robots have been helping researchers study how cli­mate change affects bio­di­ver­sity. Devel­oped by North­eastern Uni­ver­sity sci­en­tist Brian Hel­muth, the “robo­mus­sels” have the shape, size, and color of actual mus­sels, with minia­ture built-​​in sen­sors that track tem­per­a­tures inside the mussel beds.

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Everything you need to know about oysters

Does mass con­sump­tion of the briny, melt-​​in-​​your mouth mol­lusks pose a danger to our coastal ecosystems? It depends on where you get your oys­ters from, say David Kimbro and Jonathan Grabowski, ecology experts at Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ence Center.

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The rules of the water

Northeastern is leading an interdisciplinary research study this summer with the goal of identifying common rules governing community organization that can be scaled up to explain broad biogeographic variation across the Gulf of Maine.

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