rocky shore

Grazers have significant impact on community life on the rocky shore

In recently published research related to the impacts that movement of water and the behavior of various consumers have on rocky intertidal algal communities, the MSC Director, Geoff Trussell, and colleagues shed some light on just who is really regulating community recovery…and it’s the grazers, not the predators, that seem to have the greatest impact.

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An unlikely suspect – carbon fleeing the marsh

You just never know what might happen when stuff washes ashore! Professors Kimbro and Hughes’ research on the importance of salt marshes as “carbon sinks” investigates how marsh disturbance by seagrass wrack can release carbon into the atmosphere. The PLOS ONE piece has been featured in an NU InSolution blog post.

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Marine Science Center

MSC to host Ocean Genome Legacy

The Ocean Genome Legacy (OGL), New England Biolabs Inc., and Northeastern University have reached an agreement that will bring a collection of tissue and DNA from the world’s most rare, strange, and remarkable ocean creatures to the Marine Science Center.

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Carole McCauley

NU's commitment to marine education in New England

The New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC), a network that includes 55 member institiutions from around New England, has spawned numerous regional marine education projects in which the NUMSC has been an active participant. The MSC’s outreach coordinator, Carole McCauley, is now taking a turn at the helm of this group.

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