Provost’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Award winner

Lauren Josephs was awarded the Provost’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Award in December 2014. In her application, Josephs wrote about, “Assessing stakeholder attitudes towards coastal landscape management.” Josephs’ mentors are Professors Steven Scyphers and Jonathan Grabowski. Here is a portion of what she submitted for the award about her research: “Healthy shorelines exist as one of […]

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Goldwater Fellowship winner

Benjamin Moran was awarded the Goldwater Fellowship in December 2014. Moran, a Marine Biology major, is mentored by Professor Bill Detrich. Here, he writes about his research experience: “I’m certain that the several research opportunities I’ve had in my time at Northeastern helped my Goldwater application stand out. This previous summer, I spent 4 months […]

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What Lights My Fire

What lights their fire

What lights pro­fessor Mark Patterson’s fire is “the fire of life,” a phrase used by Max Kleiber as the title for his 1961 book in which the Swiss sci­en­tist pre­sented fun­da­mental con­cepts for under­standing energy metabolism.

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