Researchers use ‘robomussels’ to monitor climate change

Tiny robots have been helping researchers study how cli­mate change affects bio­di­ver­sity. Devel­oped by North­eastern Uni­ver­sity sci­en­tist Brian Hel­muth, the “robo­mus­sels” have the shape, size, and color of actual mus­sels, with minia­ture built-​​in sen­sors that track tem­per­a­tures inside the mussel beds.

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The ecstasy of working underwater

As far as unique work envi­ron­ments go, under­water is at the front of the pack. Marine sci­en­tists lit­er­ally sub­merge them­selves in a vast ecosystem to gain a better under­standing of the organ­isms that live there.

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