TERRA is a club that appreciates all that the Earth has to offer, but also understands how the Earth functions and thrives. Associated with the Marine and Environmental Science Department, students gather together to promote and discuss environmental topics as well as plan activities including field trips, invited speakers and local events.

TERRA is open to all students and welcomes anyone interested in the areas of environmental science, marine science, oceanography, geology, ecology, and paleontology. TERRA likes everyone!

In addition to their group site, please see TERRA’s Facebook page for more information. TERRA can also be found on Orgsync (requires myNEU login.)

Committee Members

President: Kat O’Brien
Vice President: Charles Valentine
Secretary: Michael Heard-Snow
Treasurer: Jake Campolo
Public Relations: Kristen Esser
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard Bailey

Club Events

Past Events

  • Trip to White Mountains: Ecology hike through
  • Mineral Hunt through New Hampshire and Maine
  • Urban Snowshoeing in the Arboretum
  • Terra Pro-Talk Series: with Professors Bailey, Hill, Detrich, Kimbro, etc.
  • Aquarium IMAX viewings
  • Trips to Museums: Harvard and Yale Peabody Museum, Dinosaur State Park
  • Annual TERRA Thanksgiving: potluck dinner for Terra, non-Terra and Terra Alum
  • Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Annual Chili Contest
  • TERRA Ice Skating at Frog Pond

Meeting Times

Meetings are once a week on Monday at 7pm in 231 Forsyth. Questions? Contact Terra at terrasociety@gmail.com.