The Marine Studies Minor is designed to provide a structured program on the Boston campus for students with an interest in the marine environment. The program allows a primary, but not exclusive, emphasis in either the scientific or the social science/humanistic study of the oceans. Some physical interaction with the sea through achievement in a specific marine-related skill, and a project involving a degree of independent study are required. Students enrolled in any program in the University may complete the Marine Studies Minor.

Course Requirements

At least four marine-related courses totaling 16 semester hours are required, along with mastery of a marine skill and an independent study. Two courses must be beyond the introductory level. At least one course must be from the natural sciences and one from the social science/humanities. Other courses in the University may fulfill these requirements with the permission of the department.

Mastery of a marine-related skill can be achieved through satisfactory completion of coursework, or evidence of achievement through some form of approved outside certification. Coursework in marine skills normally is limited to one of the six required courses.

The project requirement can be met by completion of an approved Directed Studies course in Marine Studies or in any department of the University. The project normally is limited to one of the six required courses. The project requirement can also be met, with prior approval, by completion of a major course-related project, or other outside project in which a significant amount of independent study is involved.

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