Criteria for the Dr. Carl F. Muckenhoupt Scholarship

The award is for a student who, “will use their training in science to benefit the environment of the earth and the life upon it.”

Undergraduate students* majoring in the sciences or math will be eligible, including fields such as (but not limited to) biology, medicine, agriculture, geology, wildlife management, etc.

Requirements for Undergraduate students:

  • Students majoring in any of the sciences and math.
  • Students with a demonstrated interest in aiding the environment.
  • Middlers and Juniors with a QPA of 3.25 and better, who have completed at least 75% of their credits at Northeastern for undergraduates.

Closing date for Applications is February 1. Click here for the application form.

*If you are a student who is already receiving significant financial support from Northeastern University, the award may take the form of recognition rather than be monetary.

Previous winners:
Sarah Braun (2016)
Hannah Bergam (2016)
Anna Hagadorn (2015)
Hope Ianiri (2015)
Martha Bock (2014)
Mara Scallon (2014)
Teressa Bryant (2013)
Mary Corrado (2013)
Jessica Feldish (2012)

Justin Roberts (2012)

Monika LaPlante (2011)

Dylan Johnstone (2011)

Alyssa Pandolfi (2010)

Mollie Stone (2009)

Thomas Mountain (2008)