The PlusOne Program allows students to accelerate their study by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate toward both an undergraduate and a graduate degree.
If you are a motivated and academically outstanding student, you can begin earning a Master’s degree, (MS), in either Applied Math or Math beginning in your junior or senior year while completing your Bachelors degree in Math. This is achieved by allowing you to “double count” up to 16 graduate credits toward both your graduate and undergraduate degree requirements.

There are three main reasons why this option might be right for you.

  • Professionals who enter the workforce with graduate level experience are often more competitive.
  • A PlusOne degree makes financial sense, since up to 16 graduate credits will count towards both your undergraduate and graduate degrees at no additional cost.
  • A PlusOne degree program can accelerate receipt of a graduate degree, since in most cases, a PlusOne degree student can obtain both their undergraduate and graduate degrees with only one additional year of study.

Are you Eligible to Apply?
If you are a Mathematics major; a Junior or Senior with a minimum QPA in Mathematics Courses of 3.7, and have a minimum overall QPA of 3.3, then we welcome your application to the PlusOne program.

When Should I Apply?
You should apply in your junior year, as this will maximize the number of PlusOne degree graduate credits in which you can enroll. However, we will also review applications from students entering their senior year.

How do I Apply?

  1. You should make an appointment with the Department of Mathematics Head Advisor to make sure the program is right for you.
  2. If the department determines that you are eligible to apply for the PlusOne Program, you must submit an online application using ApplyYourself and completing all required fields.
  3. The following credentials are required: personal statement and 3 letters of recommendation (letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically through the online application form. Your recommenders will be notified by email to submit their letters via the ApplyYourself system).
  4. GRE exam scores are waived and you do not need to upload Northeastern transcripts, these will be added by the Graduate Admissions and Student Services staff.
  5. Upon completing the online application, your application fee will be waived. Please select “Pay by Check” when prompted for payment of the application fee.
  6. A decision will be made on your application and you will be notified via email to view your decision posted to your online application.

What Graduate Courses can I take?
Students should apply to the Math PlusOne program in their junior year. They will spend one year completing their undergraduate requirements to obtain a BS in Math, and then transition to the MS part of the BS Math/MS Applied Math program.

PlusOne students must take 8 graduate courses to complete the program at least 4 of which are to be taken after transitioning. Any graduate course taken while an undergrad may count toward fulfilling undergrad requirements as well as grad requirements.

Students can distribute graduate courses in any way. It is typical to take 2 required courses and 2 electives each of the PlusOne years. The course Math Modeling, MATH5131, counts both as a graduate elective and an undergrad capstone.

Who do I contact for more Information?
Contact your Head Faculty Advisor, (Solomon, 525 Lake) who will:

  • review the admissions process
  • give you details about the program
  • provide you with a curriculum plan to determine if this program is right for you.