A Math Minor can be combined with any other major at Northeastern. It requires six mathematics courses; the precise conditions on these courses can be found near the end of the University Catalog entry for Mathematics:

Major, combined majors, and minor requirements

A Combined Major combines two majors in a way that allows a student to fulfill all requirements within the standard 128 credits. Currently there are established Math Combined Majors with Biology, Environmental Geology, Geology, Physics, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Economics. The requirements for the combined major with Physics are contained in the above Catalog entry for Mathematics; for the other combined major requirements, see the Catalog entry for the partner department. 

Current students can also find details about combined majors and minors, by going to their audit, clicking on “explore options” and finding the appropriate program. Students will be able to see a list of required courses, and will be able to track their progress toward fulfilling them.

To petition for a math minor, 

  • First download and print the Program to Study Petition 
  • Fill out your information in Part 1 and indicate your new minor in Part 2
  • Return your Program to Study Petition to 206 Mugar. Please track your progress in your minor by looking at a degree audit for the minor.