Mark Bridger, PhD, Brandeis University, 1967
Research Interests: Math assisted instruction, numerical and construcive algebra, commutative algebra

Robert Case, PhD, Yeshiva University, 1966
Research Interests: Mathematical logic, Socratic teaching of mathematics

Holland C. Filgo, Jr., PhD, Rice University, 1953
Research Interests: Complex analysis, computer-assisted instruction

John Frampton, PhD, Yale University, 1965
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language

Maurice E. Gilmore, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 1967
Research Interests: Geometric topology, secondary education
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Samuel Gutmann, PhD, MIT, 1977
Research Interests: Quantum computing, Statistical decision theory, Probability, Syntax

Arshag Hajian, PhD, Yale University, 1957
Research Interests: Ergodic Theory, Analysis

Nishan Krikorian, PhD, Cornell University, 1969
Research Interests: Low-dimensional dynamical systems, Numerical analysis

Carla Oblas, MS, University of California Davis, 1972

Mark Ramras, PhD, Brandeis University, 1967
Research Interests: Commutative algebra, Graph Theory

Jayant Shah
Research Interests: Computer Vision

Thomas Sherman, PhD, MIT, 1964
Research Interests: Noncommutative harmonic analysis, Symmetric spaces, Lie goups, Numerical analysis

Mikhail Shubin, PhD, Moscow State University, Russia, 1969
Research Interests: Partial differential equations, Geometric analysis, Spectral theory, Mathematical physics

Gabriel Stolzenberg, PhD, MIT, 1961

Dorothy Maharam Stone, PhD, Bryn Mawr, 1940

Jerzy Weyman, PhD, Brandeis University, 1980
Research Interests: Commutative algebra, Algebraic geometry, Representation theory