Information about co-op can be found here.

As an alternative to co-op, students in the MS of Applied Mathematics (MSAM) and MS of Operation Research (MSOR) programs can participate in the elective internship course. An internship combines work experience in an applied setting with academic supervision. The course is offered for 1 to 4 credits depending on the amount of time spent in the internship and may be taken concurrently with other courses in the program. The minimum requirement for 4 credits is 240 hours during the semester. Internships are also typically unpaid.

The course is available in the Fall, Spring, Summer, Summer 1 and Summer 2 semesters. It can be repeated subject to approval from the degree program’s coordinator. For students in the MSAM program up to 4 credits can be used to satisfy the degree requirements. To be eligible for the internship course, you need to have completed at least one semester in the program.

The office of Career Development at Northeastern ( is a valuable resource for graduate students looking for internships or full-time employment. They provide help with your job search, writing a resume, and having a successful interview.

Additionally, the department also maintains a growing database of employers previously interned by our own students. For information on these companies, please contact the Graduate Secretary.

When committing to an internship you must follow these steps:

  1. You must secure an internship offer and get approval from the degree program’s coordinator for the internship no later than the last week of the semester immediately preceding your internship.
  2. You must enroll in the internship course no later than the last week of the semester immediately preceding your internship. In order to enroll you will need an internship offer letter that includes the number of hours per week you will be working, and if you are an international student, all paperwork completed through the International  Student & Scholar Institute (
  3. You must contact your internship program coordinator, currently Richard Porter, at to discuss expectations for your internship and discuss the steps you will need to take during your internship in order to receive credit for the course.
  4. You will write a paper or keep a journal according to the guidelines as given by the internship program coordinator.

Near the end of the semester, your academic supervisor will contact your workplace supervisor to request a written appraisal of your performance.