A detailed description of the degree programs and their requirements are provided on their respective pages. Here are some policies that apply to all of our graduate degrees.

Part-Time Program

Nearly all graduate courses in the Mathematics department meet after 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, so that students who work during the day may take one or two courses each semester at night. Students in the part-time program may progress according to their abilities and available time, subject to the seven-year time limitation established by the University.

Special Student Status

Students with a bachelor’s degree who are not matriculating in a degree program but would like to take a few graduate-level courses should also complete the application and must satisfy all admissions requirements, with the exception of taking the GRE. Also, students applying for special student status must submit two letters of recommendation.

Graduate Advisor

An advisor will monitor the student’s progress and advise the student on the courses to take. Any courses taken outside the department and some courses from within the department will require approval from the advisor. An advisor should assist the PhD student in finding a thesis supervisor. The thesis supervisor will act as the advisor for the student and will also guide the student through the dissertation.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory progress means satisfying requirements in the College of Science (COS) General Regulations and in the regulations specified in the departmental booklet. The College of Science sets minimum standards for all students to fulfill. Departments and programs may have additional requirements that exceed those of the COS. Receipt of financial support administered by the COS is contingent on satisfactory academic progress toward the degree and on meeting department-specific guidelines. See the COS General Regulations for further details.