Several of our recent graduates have been employed at local software companies such as MathWorks Inc. Take advantage of the courses and internship opportunities in our Master’s in Applied Math program to get ready for your career!

New applications of mathematics are constantly being discovered and established techniques are being applied in new ways and in emerging fields. The MS in Applied Mathematics (MSAM) program in the Department of Mathematics is growing steadily, serving students from the region and worldwide. Our curriculum is designed to address the needs of those who are seeking to enter or are currently working in a variety of applied math careers, such as financial service and investment management firms; data science and high-tech firms; computer information and software firms; and academic institutions and research institutes.

Capitalizing on Northeastern University’s proximity to many high-tech, financial, and research organizations, courses are developed and taught by professionals with expertise in state-of-the-art mathematical and computational practices. Courses meet in the evenings to accommodate our student’s busy schedules. Students are encouraged to take up to two courses outside the mathematics department, providing the flexibility to create a curriculum tailored to their career interests, and there is an optional internship program for course credit.


The Data Analysis Workshop is running again, this Spring 2016! Focused on applications of mathematics in image processing. The workshop is developed with C++ and uses the open source image processing and computer vision library OpenCV.  To learn more, visit the workshop webpage.


The Math Department plans to introduce an optional Co-op program for the Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (MSAM) and the Master of Science in Operation Research (MSOR). Under this plan the students in these two programs will have the opportunity to experience Northeastern University’s renowned Cooperative education program. Interested students will need to take a one-semester 0-credit Co-op preparation course, and work with the Co-op coordinator to find Co-op assignments. Detailed program information will be provided shortly, so stay tuned!