Visiting Researchers & University Groups FAQ

Does my university class need visitation permission?
All college classes that want to visit must obtain permission from the Business & Operations Manager or Laboratory Manager and must complete all required paperwork prior to the visit. First-time visitors will require additional training and approval from the Laboratory Manager.

How can I get into the campus over the weekend?

During off-hours, the gate to the MSC is locked. For weekend visits (granted only with special permission), either the Business & Operations Manager or the Laboratory Manager will arrange for someone to let the visitors in.

Release Forms
All participants, including professors and group leaders, must sign release forms.

Collecting Seawater & Sea Life
Groups cannot collect seawater or life without prior permission.

No Swimming
Swimming: there is no swimming ever for any reason. Individuals cannot access the public beach from Northeastern University property. Individuals cannot swim during duration of the program or at any time while vehicle is parked in the Northeastern lot. No wading into water beyond ankles.