General Inquiry (Events, Internships, and Other Campus Visits) FAQ

Can I rent space at MSC for my wedding?
Weddings are not permitted on MSC campus.

Can I rent space at MSC for a birthday party?
Birthday parties are not permitted on MSC campus.

Can I arrange to have a tour of the MSC grounds?
MSC does not have the staffing to give tours. Instead, visitors are invited to attend events on campus, such as the annual Open House or the monthly Lecture Series. Nahant residents are allowed to park in resident spots (located just outside the MSC gate) and visit public walking trails.

Can I host an event indoors?
Companies and universities are permitted to host educational events in the bunker room with approval from the Laboratory Manager. Fill out the contact form and use the “notes” section to describe the event. We are unable to reserve space more than three months in advance.

Can my group hold our event on the MSC grounds?

Outdoor group events are only permissible for internal Northeastern University groups.

I’m a prospective student. Can I visit the campus to get a feel for the academic environment?
Please email us at with questions pertaining to prospective student visits.

I’d like to apply for a volunteer internship supporting research at MSC. Where should I go for more information?

We do not have postings for volunteer internships. Instead, students interested in pursuing volunteer internships should browse the faculty research page for matching research interests, and then contact the faculty member directly. More information on the application process is available on the website.

Are there any opportunities for job-shadowing?

We allow job shadowing on occasion for students interested in learning more about the marine science field. Please contact Carole McCauley at for more information.

Can I volunteer at MSC?

Though the MSC does not take on regular coastal health and advocacy volunteers; many local groups have volunteer needs.

Where can I find a public beach in Nahant?

Nahant Beach is open to the public year round. Parking is available at Tides Restaurant for a fee of $3.