Marine Science Center Visitation Request FAQ

Are there tours open to the public?
Yes, please click here for more information.

Where can I find information on programs for grade school students?
Info on programs (Visiting The MSC) is on our website. If you have additional questions, call or email Val Perini at 781.581.7370 x 373 or

Are parents of kids attending a field trip to MSC invited on campus as well?
Parents of children enrolled in field trip outreach programs are invited to join their children on campus.

Who should I make checks out to?
All checks should be made out to Northeastern University. Checks made to Marine Science Center, Outreach Program, etc. cannot be accepted.

Where are classes held?
All classes are in the bunker. However, please note that there are no bathrooms in the bunker. Bathrooms are located in the main building, near the parking area. Please plan accordingly.

Who do I call if I’m running late?
If running late for a K-12 program, please call the front desk at 781.581.7370, x0.

What is the fax number for submitting paperwork?
The fax number for sending paperwork is 781.581.6076. Paperwork may also be emailed to the appropriate contact.

Where can I park?
Parking spaces are located on the right side of field, on the side of the property closest to the main building.

Where are the bathrooms?
Bathrooms are in main building. Participants should use the bathroom & drink water before heading to the bunker.

Who needs to submit release forms?
All participants, including teachers and group leaders, must sign release forms.

Is swimming permitted?
No swimming is allowed under any circumstances. Students are allowed to wade into the water up to their ankles, but no further.