Randall Hughes

Understanding competition in invasive Phragmites helps inform estuarine management

The Hughes Lab conducted field surveys and glasshouse experiments to investigate phenotypic variation within the invasive common reed, Phragmites australis, at four sites along the east coast of North America. Research on intraspecific variation of this invader will improve impact assessments and guide salt marsh management in estuarine ecosystems invaded by P. australis.

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Habitat fragmentation affects eelgrass seed distribution

Recently published research by a Northeastern undergraduate, several faculty members, and other colleagues highlights the vulnerability of Zostera marina to habitat fragmentation. Seed density and dispersal of this perennial seagrass are negatively affected by fragmentation, thus impacting seagrass bed health and resilience.

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High Schoolers Splashdown to STEM Education

Doctoring dolphins and mapping shipwrecks, tagging turtles and aging fish, reconstructing a skeleton and creating seaweed art. These were just few of the skills that students were able to learn and practice at the annual High School Marine Science Symposia, earlier this month. Co-hosted by Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center and the Massachusetts Marine Educators, […]

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Marine Science Center

Congratulations to MSC PhD Graduates!

The Marine Science Center is proud to announce the successful PhD dissertation defense of seven graduate students in the past year: Althea Moore, Nicholas Colvard, Jennifer Elliot, Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn, Lara Lewis-McGrath, Christine Ramsay-Newton, and Lin Zhu. Upon successful defense of their dissertations, these students earned doctorate degrees as successful graduates of Northeastern’s Ecology, Evolution, and […]

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