Ocean Genome Legacy

The thrill of scientific discovery

Sir Richard Roberts, Distinguished Professor and President of the Ocean Genome Legacy, is a globally recognized leader in genomics and molecular biology, and studies the mechanisms through which bacteria resist viruses.

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Ocean Genome Legacy Director publishes first scientific study of rare Philippine shipworm

Dan Distel and Reuben Shipworm of the Ocean Genome Legacy have published an account of the first scientific study of a rare giant shipworm found in the Philippines. Distel has been studying shipworms for almost 30 years. He is particularly interested in the bacteria found in shipworm guts that break down cellulose and produce energy for the shipworm in the process.

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High Schoolers Splashdown to STEM Education

Doctoring dolphins and mapping shipwrecks, tagging turtles and aging fish, reconstructing a skeleton and creating seaweed art. These were just few of the skills that students were able to learn and practice at the annual High School Marine Science Symposia, earlier this month. Co-hosted by Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center and the Massachusetts Marine Educators, […]

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