In addition to accepting donations from researchers around the world, to further support our own research and collection, OGL staff members enter the field 3-4 times per year to collect specimens first-hand, helping to ensure that the Ocean Genome Resource continues to be a representative data source for marine biodiversity. These field trips can be as far away as the Philippines and Australia, or as close to home as Ipswich Bay.

Recent trips have included such locations as:

■         Philippines: Mactan, Bohol and Panglao Islands in support of the PMS-ICBG project

■         Australia: Heron and Lizard Islands, Great Barrier Reef; Queensland Museum in support of the CReefs project

■         Western Australia: Ningaloo Reef

■         Florida, USA: Florida Keys National Wildlife Sanctuary

■         Massachusetts, USA: Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood’s Hole

■         Guelph, Canada: Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding (CCDB)

■         Bermuda and the Sargasso Sea: As part of a biodiversity survey in support of the establishment of a Sargasso Sea International Marine Protected Area (MPA), in conjunction with the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ)