The Ocean Genome Resource is a public, open-access DNA repository created by research scientists for research scientists. Its goal is to create a community in which researchers can share genetic materials and contextual information describing those materials with their colleagues. OGL distributes these materials at cost for non-commercial research only.

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Research-ready Genomic DNA

Genomic DNA from expert-identified and vouchered marine specimens for academic and non-commercial research. Search our catalog.



Secure Cryopreservation

Secure Cryopreservation

A secure cryo-preservation facility for tissues and nucleic acid samples with back-up power, 24/7/365 monitoring, and full LIMS sample tracking



OGL Species Check thumbnailOGL SpeciesCheck ™ 

DNA testing to confirm species identity in seafood samples, including fillets – available to industry clients and the general public



Marine Science Center Stock

Specimen Location Service

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our current collection? Contact OGL with your wish list and we will tap into our extensive list of collaborators and sources to track down samples for you.



Custom Biorepository Set-upfreezer

OGL staff have experience establishing satellite biorepositories at outside institutions and in countries outside the U.S. We share our expertise freely and often can accommodate mirrored collections in our own facilities. Contact us to discuss your project and needs.


Molecular Biology Services thumbnail

Molecular Biology Services

A variety of custom services including DNA barcoding (mt COI), diagnostic sequencing, PCR and whole genome amplification and library construction. Contact us for a quote.



Our goal at OGL is to make it as easy as possible for researchers to collect, prepare, preserve and store genomic materials and to deposit materials to, or use materials from, our collections. OGL is in the process of developing a few simple and inexpensive products and services that will help to make these processes easier, more reliable, and more uniform. If you would like to be notified upon the release of new products and services, please join our mailing list.