The Ocean is our planet’s most influential but least understood ecosystem –a complex web of interacting species upon which all life depends for food, climate; even the air we breathe. To protect this vital natural resource from the threats of global warming, habitat destruction, over-fishing and pollution, we will need a much better understanding of the diversity of marine life.

The Genome is the sum of all DNA within a living cell or organism.   It is the blueprint upon which a species is built and a record of its physiology, ecology, history, and evolution. Such genomic information is not only invaluable for protecting species from extinction but can also help to cure disease and improve the sustainability of global food and energy supplies.

The Legacy that we leave to future generations depends on the decisions that we make today to preserve, protect and explore the threatened diversity of the Earth’s greatest ecosystems.

Ocean Genome Legacy is a non-profit marine research institute and genome bank dedicated to exploring and preserving the threatened biological diversity of the sea. The purpose of our collection of DNA blueprints (genomes) is to provide secure storage and broad public access to genomic materials, to create a forum for sharing samples, data and ideas, and to serve as a catalyst for research that can help to protect marine ecosystems and improve the human condition.