Nahant’s East Point boasts stunning natural beauty and a rich past.  From Native Americans who fished from these shores, to estate owners and holiday revelers who enjoyed the ocean breezes and fine view, to scientists and others curious about the unique geology and life contained on the shores of this magnificent peninsula, people have been spending time at East Point.
Nahant Hotel
In partnership with the Town of Nahant, the Nahant Historical Society, and Nahant SWIM, Inc. (Safer Waters in Massachusetts), Northeastern University has launched the East Point Interpretive Trail project. When completed, visitors will be able to pick up a free trail guide at the gate, walk the trail, and learn about key moments in cultural and military history that affected the landscape. They will discover the area’s vibrant marine and terrestrial life, and explore current research on local geology and marine ecology.
Tour stop sign NE common eider pair
This self-guided interpretive tour is designed to introduce you to some of the key moments in our cultural and military history that shaped the landscape, the vibrant marine and terrestrial life found here, and decades of scientific research on local ecology and marine biology.  The tour will include ten stops, eight of which are simple trail markers and two of which boast interpretive signboards to orient you to what is visible along the horizon. You will be able to follow along with the printed leaflet or use your smartphone to access expanded interpretive content on our website for each stop.


Check back soon for more detailed information about how to make a donation to the project.


Please contact Carole McCauley at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center at 781.581.7370, x321 or c.mccauley@northeastern.edu.
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