The Marine Science Center and the College of Science would like to congratulate Chris Baillie, recipient of this year’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Teaching – Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, & Engineering.  Chris works on fisheries-related research with Associate Professor Jon Grabowski in the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences. He has taught undergraduate sections of Principles of Biology as well as Ecology.

Chris received his BS in Biology with a minor in Marine Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2010. After completing his undergraduate, he worked with Dr. Joel Fodrie at the University of North Carolina as a technician working on fisheries ecology in seagrass and oyster reef systems. Broadly, his interests include marine community ecology and conservation. More specifically, he is interested in connectivity of marine ecosystems and populations, complex trophic interactions, impacts of anthropogenic modifications to marine systems, and disease ecology. His current research is focused on Spiny Dogfish ecology and socioeconomics in the Gulf of Maine.  Chris also volunteers with the Marine Science Center outreach program, talking with youth and the public about local food webs and fisheries-related issues.

The Outstanding Graduate Student Awards are an opportunity for the community to recognize the remarkable students that choose to complete their post baccalaureate studies at Northeastern. Nominations may be made by a graduate student, faculty, staff or administrator at the university. Awards include a $1000 credit to the student’s account. Chris will receive his Outstanding Graduate Student Award during Northeastern University’s Academic Honors Convocation on April 16, 2014.

Baillie outreach