You can find all Linguistics courses and their descriptions in the Course Catalog.

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Course Descriptions

Below is a list of recently offered courses; a subset of these courses are offered during any given term. A list of all linguistics courses and their descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog.

LING 1449 – English Now and Then

LING 1150 Introduction to Language and Linguistics

LING 2350 Linguistic Analysis

LING 3412 Language and Culture

LING 3422 Phonetics and Phonology

LING 3424 – Morphology

LING 3432 Romance Linguistics

LING 3434 Bilingualism

LING 3442 Sociolinguistics

LING 3450 Syntax

LING 3452 Semantics

LING 3454 History of English

LING 3456 Language and Gender

LING 3458 Topics in Linguistics

LING 3460 – Historical Linguistics

LING 4654 Seminar in Linguistics

LING 4891 – Research Seminar in Linguistics

LING 4970 Junior/Senior Honors Project, Semester 1

LING 4971 Junior/Senior Honors Project, Semester 2

LING 4991 – Directed Study Research

LING 4993 – Independent Study

Note: A subset of these courses will be offered during any given term.