How can I check the status of my application?

You must log in to ApplyYourself to check the status of your application.

Why is my application “incomplete” even though I submitted all of my materials?

Although you may have submitted all the required materials, it is a manual process to match your submitted materials with your on-line application. Please note that this may take a few business days.

Why can’t I confirm that my application has been submitted?

You may not have clicked the “Submit” button. After you completed the on-line portion of your application, please be sure to click the “Submit” button located at the top of the application page. Otherwise, we will not be able to move your application forward in the review process.

My application status is “on hold.” What does this mean? 

A status of “on hold” means that you neglected to pay the US $75 application fee.

Why can’t I see that my supplementary materials have been received?

Although you uploaded these documents, ApplyYourself does not reflect receipt of them until the Graduate Student Services staff manually updates your record. Please allow a few days to complete this process after you have submitted your application.

Whom should I contact if my recommenders are having trouble submitting letters of recommendation?

Please contact the ApplyYourself Help Desk via the Tech Support link at the bottom of the ApplyYourself website.

How should I submit my transcript(s) to the Graduate School?

Please upload a copy of your transcript(s) online to ApplyYourself before submitting the application.

I am having trouble uploading my transcript(s).

If you are having difficulties uploading your transcript, please contact the ApplyYourself technical team via the Tech Support link at the bottom of the ApplyYourself website.

When will my ApplyYourself record reflect receipt of my transcripts?

Once you submit your application, the College of Science Graduate Programs match your transcripts with your record. The transcript is then manually entered into ApplyYourself.

When do I have to submit an official transcript(s)?

You must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended directly to the College of Science Graduate Admissions and Student Services office by the start date of the program. Official transcripts from all institutions must be sealed in stamped/signed envelopes.

What happens if I cannot view receipt of my materials by the deadline?

Please contact the department’s graduate coordinator.

I am interested in taking a course or two. Do I have to apply and be accepted in order to register for a class?

The College of Science Graduate Programs offer a part-time, non-degree option. These students, which the university have named Special Students, apply through the on-line application system, ApplyYourself. Special Students are enrolled on a part-time basis and cannot exceed more than 2 courses per semester. A maximum of twelve semester hours over time may be earned prior to applying to a degree program. Please refer to the applicable materials required and deadlines for Special Students.

Whom can I contact if I have questions?

Email is our preferred method of communication with applicants.

If the FAQs above do not address your questions, please email us at