(BOSTON, MA) – Neglected tropical diseases affect more than one billion people a year, but you can help. TWEET THIS

Northeastern Associate Professor Michael Pollastri has launched a campaign to find ways to better treat some of the world’s poorest populations. TWEET THIS

Through a crowdfunding campaign, Pollastri will create a new platform to share data with neglected disease researchers internationally. TWEET THIS

Pollastri’s database will streamline how drugs for neglected diseases are discovered—ultimately speeding up the delivery to those who need them most. TWEET THIS

This platform will also cut down on research duplication, which is common in competitive labs where information is kept secret. TWEET THIS

Big Pharma doesn’t focus on neglected diseases. They can’t recoup the high R&D costs associated with drug discovery. TWEET THIS

$3 billion is spent annually to find cures to 31 neglected diseases, it can cost $1 billion to discover one drug. We must be more efficient in research. TWEET THIS

With this crowdfunding initiative, Pollastri hopes to raise $25,000 to build the platform and cover experimental costs. TWEET THIS

This platform will be the gateway to helping billions of people. Let’s work together to help those who need it most! TWEET THIS

LISTEN to Michael Pollastri talk about this crowd funding project

For more information, please contact:
Lori Lennon
Communications Coordinator/Senior Writer
College of Science, Northeastern University