Yunrong Chai

Assistant Professor Email: Phone: 617.373.3973

Degrees/ Education

Ph.D., Microbiology, Cornell University
M.S., Microbiology, Fudan University (China)
B.S., Microbiology, Fudan University (China)

Area(s) of Interest

Microbial genomics and biofilm formation

Research Interests

Bacterial biofilms are medically and environmentally significant. We are interested in understanding fundamental mechanisms controlling bacterial biofilm formation and the role of beneficial biofilms in bacteria-host interactions. We are also interested in inhibitory mechanisms targeting key processes during bacterial biofilm development. We use Bacillus subtilis and other related Bacilli species as model systems.

Curriculum Vitae



301 Mugar Life Sciences Building

The hunger games of genes and microbes

When the going gets tough in the micro­scopic world of bac­teria, one of the best bets is to form a biofilm, an immo­bile colony of cells that offers pro­tec­tion against harsh con­di­tions.