Paul Vouros

Paul Vouros

1965 PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1961 BA, Wesleyan University

Area(s) of Expertise

Analytical Chemistry

Research Interests

The central focus of our research is in the area of mass spectrometry and its applications to organic analysis. Our efforts involve the investigation of both fundamental and applied problems. We have established a strong reputation for the development of techniques that involve the interfacing of separation methods – gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and capillary zone electrophoresis – with mass spectrometry. Optimization of these sample delivery systems has enabled us to advance the state of the art for trace level analysis of biological samples. Much of our applied work is being done in collaboration with colleagues from the biomedical community in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

As a result of the commitment of the program to the solution of real life analytical problems, a number of active collaborations with clinicians and other biomedical colleagues both in the Boston area and nationally have been initiated. Some of the main areas of investigation include the following: analysis of DNA adducts through development of techniques for the trace level detection and characterization of modified nucleosides or nucleotides as a result of the covalent binding of carcinogens with DNA; applying LC-MS and GC-MS to study the metabolic pathways of vitamin D; characterization and sequencing of oligosaccharides by ion trap MS; and studies in capillary electrochromatography (CEC) and CEC-MS of complex, biologically significant mixtures.



215 Hurtig Hall

Vouros Scholar Fund established in retired professor’s honor

The Vouros Scholar Fund funds a summer co-op research fellowship, and is named in honor of Paul Vouros who taught chemistry at Northeastern University for more than 40 years.

After 42 years, Chemistry professor to retire

After having taught hundreds of undergraduate, master’s and PhD students for 42 years, chemistry professor Paul Vouros is retiring.