Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Full Time

Gail Begley; Associate Academic Specialist; Ph.D., Boston University

Kirsten Fertuck; Assistant Academic Specialist; Ph.D., Michigan State University

Melissa McElligott; Assistant Academic Specialist;  Ph.D., Northeastern University; B.S., University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Mary-Susan Potts-Santone; Associate Academic Specialist; Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

Christopher Richardson; Lecturer; Ph.D., Boston University

Steve Untersee; Lecturer; Ph.D., Tufts University

Jade Zee; Assistant Academic Specialist and Associate Director, Behavioral Neuroscience; Ph.D., University of Oregon

Part Time

George Argyros; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Northeastern University; M.S., Northeastern University

Diana Belanger; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., City University of New York; M. Phil., City University of New York; M.S., Northeastern University; B.S., Northeastern University

Dmitry Blinder; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., UMass Worcester; B.S., UMass Amherst

Daniel Easa; part-time lecturer; B.S., Northeastern University; Certified Training Director, East Coast Divers

William Fowle; part-time lecturer; M.S., Northeastern University; B.S., Nasson College

Adrian Gilbert; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Northeastern University

Corissa Lennon; part-time lecturer; M.S., Eastern Illinois University

Chesley Leslin; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Northeastern University

Glover Martin; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Harvard University

Aaron Roth; part-time lecturer; M.S., Northeastern University; B.S., Northeastern University

Eric Stewart; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Harvard University

Ronnee Yashon; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Northeastern University


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