Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Full Time

Allison Baker; Lecturer; Ph.D., Northeastern University

Dawn Cisewski; Assistant Teaching Professor; PsyD, Indiana University

Christina Crowe; Lecturer; Ph.D., Boston College

Amy DiBattista; Lecturer; Ph.D., Northeastern University

Spencer Lynn; Research Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Arizona

Jennifer Pirri, Assistant Teaching Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School

Mark Prokosch; Lecturer; Ph.D., University of California

Karen Quigley; Research Associate Professor; Ph.D., Ohio State University

Daniel Quinn; Teaching Professor; Ph.D., Northeastern University

William Sharp; Lecturer

Nancy Snyder; Associate Teaching Professor; Ed.D., Harvard University

Karen Spikes; Lecturer; Ph.D., Cornell University

Jade Zee; Assistant Teaching Professor and Associate Director, Behavioral Neuroscience; Ph.D., University of Oregon

Part Time

Jim Akula; part-time lecturer

Terri Bright; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Simmons College

Cole Eidson; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Northeastern University

Kathryn Frazier; part-time lecturer; enrolled in Ph.D., Clark University; M.A., Clark University; B.A., Scripps College

Mark Halko; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Boston University; B.A., Boston University

Theresa Jackson; part-time lecturer

Emily Kales; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Tufts University; M.S., Tufts University; M.A. City University of New York; B.A., Barnard College

Grayson Kimball; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Springfield College; M.S., Springfield College; B.A., University of Hartford

Jeffrey Lamoureux; part-time lecturer

Bryan Loney; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., University of Alabama; M.S., University of Alabama; B.A., Hendrix College

Kymberlee M. O’Brien; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., Brandeis University

David Richters; part-time lecturer; Ph.D., M.A., and B.A., Northeastern University

Ashley Williams; part-time lecturer


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