Michael Pollastri

Associate Professor Email: m.pollastri@neu.edu Phone: 617.373.2703


PhD, Brown University, Providence, RI
MS, Duke University, Durham, NC
AB, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

Area(s) of Expertise

Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Research Interests

Prof. Pollastri’s primary research focus is on discovery of new therapeutics for neglected tropical diseases, using a “parachute” or “repurposing” approach. In this approach, he identifies parasitic targets of importance that have been previously biochemically validated, with a further focus on those targets with human homologs that have been pursued in human drug discovery. Prof. Pollastri’s lab then prepare known ligands previously reported against the human homolog for assessment against the parasite target, and then pursue an optimization program from that starting point. His lab’s first project is focused on trypanosomal phosphodiesterases, enzymes that have ~30% homology to human PDE4 and 5. Other projects focus on trypansomal TOR, Aurora kinases, dihydrofolate reductase, and HDACs.

Prof. Pollastrli’s secondary area of focus is on chemical technologies. Projects in this category include diversification of lead compounds using reaction screening approaches, applications of flow chemistry, and Green Chemistry.

Lab Website



417 Egan Research Center

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