Martin Ross

Academic Education

Ph.D., University of Idaho, 1978, Dissertation: “Stratigraphy, Structure, and Petrology of Columbia River Basalt in a portion of the Grande Ronde River-Blue Mountains Area of Oregon and Washington”
M.S., Kent State University, 1970, Thesis: Quantitative Petrography of Precambrian Mafic Dikes in the Bald Mountain Area, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
B.S., Portland State University, 1968, Geology

Area(s) of Expertise

Geology: The petrology and tectonics of Proterozoic to Mesozoic mafic dike swarms of the Avalon terrane in southeastern New England; The nature and origin of chemical and mineralogic trends within individual dikes; The stratigraphy, petrology, and origin of the Columbia River Basalts and related silicic volcanics in southeast Oregon and adjacent portions of California, Nevada, and Idaho; The origins of magma pillow-like structures and variations in phenocryst concentrations in individual lavas of Steens Basalt.

Teaching Interests

I teach a wide variety of advanced and introductory undergraduate courses including igneous petrology and volcanology, structural geology, environmental geology, geology and land-use planning, and field geology. I have led extended field trips for undergraduate geology students to the Pacific Northwest, the Black Hills, and Iceland.



14 Holmes Hall