Mark Prokosch


PhD, University of California, Davis
M.A., University of California, Davis
BS, University of New Mexico

Area(s) of Expertise

Evolutionary Psychology, Psychobiology

Research Interests

My research background is in evolutionary psychology. I am most interested in the integration of ultimate and proximate explanations of human social cognitive traits. My specific work focuses on human mate preferences, ovulatory effects, & individual differences in psychometric intelligence, creativity, & other conspicuous behavioral displays.

I teach several undergraduate courses offered by the department including Foundations of Psychology, Seminar in Social Psychology, Seminar in Biological Psychology, and an upcoming course in Inquiries into Psychological Science. I also teach the Honors Foundations course offered through the University Honors Program.

My teaching interests can be categorized into the following:

  1. Neuroscience — evolutionary, social cognitive, behavioral, & neuro-endocrinology, pharmacology & pathology.
  2. Hominin evolution — adaptationist perspectives of behavior, life history traits, comparative primate social cognition, moral reasoning & behavior, comparative neurobiology, sexual selection & mate preferences, genomic imprinting, Darwinian medicine, brain evolution & uniqueness in the human genome, & complexity science & emergence.
  3. Individual variation in behavior — genetic & epigenetic regulation of neural development, prenatal environmental effects, infant social intuitions, attachment & social influences on neuroplasticity, dispositional and contextual factors, memory, person perception, substance use, psychometric intelligence, & mate preferences.
  4. Mindfulness & contemplative practices — contemplative neuroscience, Buddhist psychology (vipassana and metta practices), default mode, automaticity & self-projection, & mindfulness based cognitive therapy.

Curriculum Vitae


Department of Psychology
125 Nightingale Hall

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