James Monaghan

Assistant Professor Email: j.monaghan@neu.edu Phone: 617.373.6539


Ph.D., University of Kentucky
B.A., DePauw University

Area(s) of Expertise

Regeneration Biology

Research Interests

Prof. Managhan’s lab uses the axolotl salamander to investigate the cellular and molecular basis of complex tissue regeneration. Axolotls have the amazing ability to regenerate large portions of their limbs, tail, heart, and spinal cord. His lab studies the development and regeneration of the nervous system and limb and the interactions that take place between these organ systems to ask: 1) Why are nerves necessary for complex tissue regeneration? 2) What cellular properties do the axolotls possess that allow them to regenerate limbs and spinal cords? These important questions have the potential to impact our understanding of animal homeostasis as well as regenerative medicine.


Curriculum Vitae

Lab Website


404 Mugar Life Sciences Building

James Monaghan at Northeastern University

Dr. James Monaghan of Northeastern University talks at the Accelerating Translational Research for Drug Discovery conference at Northeastern University.

The salamander king

When assis­tant pro­fessor of biology James Mon­aghan was an under­grad­uate, he hung a life-​​size inflat­able Spi­derman from the ceiling of his dorm room.

Using Salamanders to Study Regeneration

Dr. James Monaghan, an assistant professor of regeneration biology at Northeastern University, has been studying the Mexican axolotl salamander’s amazing regenerative properties to discover the cellular and genetic basis of tissue regeneration — findings that could have a huge impact on regenerative medicine.