J. Benjamin Hutchinson


PhD, Psychology, Stanford University, 2011
BA, Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 2004

Area(s) of Expertise

Cognitive neuroscience of memory and attention

Research Interests

Our lab is interested in the bidirectional relationship between attention and memory in humans. That is, we aim to better understand how selective attention is able to promote the encoding of episodic memories as well as how memory retrieval can influence what we attend to in our ongoing perceptual environment. We use both behavioral (e.g., psychophysics) and neuroimaging (e.g., functional magnetic resonance imaging; fMRI) techniques to better understand when and where these aspects of cognition interact as well as articulate how they are implemented by the brain.

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Department of Psychology
125 Nightingale Hall

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How memories shape our perception of the present

New faculty member J. Benjamin Hutchinson explores how our experiences from the past influence what we pay attention to in the present. His findings could contribute to our understanding of ADHD and other learning conditions as well as lead to strategies to help people stay focused when attending to a task.

New psychology faculty uses neuroimaging to observe how memory, attention interact

Benjamin Hutchinson, a new faculty member in the College of Science, likes to investigate the alternating relationship between our ability to form new memories, our ability to remember them, and how that influences how we interact with the world.