Gail Begley


PhD, Cell & Molecular Biology, Boston University
MS, Biology, Boston University
BS, Biology, Suffolk University

Areas of Expertise

Biology is a story of connections and interactions. I am interested in understanding interactions at the molecular level, and integrating that knowledge into the larger schemes of physiology, ecology, and evolution. Stress response systems are particularly fascinating in this respect. I have looked at molecular interactions in bacterial nutrient transport systems as well as proteins involved in chemotherapeutic drug resistance, blood clotting, and pollution response.

Since 2005, I have run an undergraduate research program focused on molecular aspects of bioremediation, a process that utilizes naturally occurring microbes to degrade toxins in the environment. We collaborate with environmental technology companies to understand and improve bioremediation systems. We probe changes in microbial communities in contaminated groundwater, identify bacteria involved in the bioremediation process, and develop methods to improve the process. We have devised a molecular test to optimize ongoing treatment that should also be valuable in assessing the suitability of contaminated sites for this type of treatment. Five undergraduates have been awarded funding to pursue this research and more than thirty undergraduates have presented their research at meetings. Five undergraduate researchers are co-authors on publications.

Curriculum Vitae


134 Mugar Life Sciences Building