Desislava Raytcheva


PhD, Biology, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
MS, Industrial Biotechnology, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
BS, Biotechnology, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

Area(s) of Expertise

Microbiology with focus on phage biology and infectious diseases, and curriculum design

Research Interests

Since obtaining my PhD degree, I have been working toward enhancing science education at both the undergraduate and high school levels. My current work is focused on developing an inquiry-based biology laboratory course that will give every student the opportunity to perform authentic research experience at the teaching laboratory. This experience is crucial for building student understanding in how the scientific process works as well as allowing students to gain the needed technical basis to perform biology research. My main objective is to get students both excited and prepared for their first steps as scientific investigators. The combination of foundational knowledge and technical skills will play a crucial role in building their confidence and enthusiasm as young scientists. In addition, I plan to continue my work on designing curricula for high school students in order to improve their scientific literacy and motivation in pursuing careers in science.


414J Mugar Life Sciences Building