David Kimbro

Assistant Professor Email: d.kimbro@neu.edu Phone: 781.581.7370 ext. 310


B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.S. University of California at Davis
Ph. D. University of California at Davis

Area(s) of Expertise

Community Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Biological Invasions

Research Interests

Prof. Kimbro’s research interests include a broad range of issues in population dynamics, community ecology, invasion biology, ecosystem science, and coastal oceanography. He pursues these interests to understand why the conditions of important coastal habitats change and to learn how these changes impact services to society.

Lab Website



Northeastern University Marine Science Center

430 Nahant Road

Nahant, Mass. 01908

Researchers and Oystermen Fighting for Apalachicola Bay

A guest post by David Kimbro, as featured in the blog In the Grass, On the Reef

Why invader species may be taking dinner off your table

The species that live on our coasts pro­vide ben­e­fits that most of us are unaware of.

Invasive Species: Understanding the Threat Before It’s Too Late

Catching rides on cargo ships and fishing boats, many invasive species are now covering our shorelines and compromising the existence of our native marine life. In a study published in Ecology Letters, Northeastern University Prof. David Kimbro and his team examine what factors allow some invasive species to survive in their new environments and others to fail.